Tag: Preserves

  • Black Tea and Fig Jam

    Black Tea and Fig Jam

    Not too sweet: the black tea helps tone down the intense sweetness of the dried figs.

  • Marmalade

    Inspired by a recipe from The New York Times, I’ve adapted this for my own love of bitter marmalade. For a batch I use 3 sour (Seville) oranges and 1 Meyer lemon, which makes about 5 half-pint jars of marmalade. You can easily triple the quantity and will have no problem. Feel free to switch […]

  • Sour Cherry Jam with Less Sugar

    Sour Cherry Jam with Less Sugar

    Finally, cherry jam that’s actually tart. After years of using conventional pectin or no pectin, I decided to pursue another route. This is a gorgeous color and really tastes like the fruit itself!

  • Sour Cherry Jam

    Pit 1 quart of sour cherries and chop them (to make about 2 to 2½ cups fruit). Add sour cherry juice (see note) to make a total of 6 cups fruit and juice. Place fruit, juice and a 57g package of pectin in a large pot. Bring to a rolling boil, add 5 cups sugar […]