Useful Information

When you see this symbol ATTN pay attention to what follows.

About ingredients:

  • We always use unsalted butter.
  • We always use kosher salt because it dissolves faster (or we think it does). You can read more about salt and come to your own conclusions.
  • We typically have 1% or 2% milk at home, so unless we specifically say “whole milk” it’s probably not whole milk.
  • Flour means unbleached, all-purpose flour unless we specify something else. Remember that cake flour isn’t all-purpose flour.
  • If you’re going to use olive oil, buy one that has a nice flavor.
  • We prefer freshly-ground black pepper. If a recipe only says “pepper,” that’s what we mean.

About our kitchen:

  • All temperatures are Fahrenheit.
  • Our oven has had accuracy problems on conventional bake settings, so many of the recipes specify convection because that’s what we used. If you don’t have a convection oven, you might have to increase the heat, cook things a bit longer or move multiple trays of cookies between various shelves in the oven to get more even results. If a recipe for baked goods (bread, cakes, cookies, etc.) doesn’t specify convection, assume we baked it on the convection setting.
  • We’re cooking very close to sea level, so we’ve made no altitude adjustments to any of these recipes.

About our eating habits:

  • Not everyone in this household is an omnivore. You won’t find many recipes that use beef, pork, rabbit, etc. It doesn’t mean you can’t use it to get great results with these recipes, but we’re typically not cooking mammals.

About our ideas:

  • Some of these recipes are inspired by others and we try to give credit where it is due. If you borrow from us, we’d like you to do the same.