Corn Ice Cream

Shuck 3 ears of corn. Cut the kernels off the cob. Cut each cob into 3 pieces. In a large saucepan combine kernels, cobs, 2 cups heavy cream, 13/4 cups whole milk and 2/3 cup sugar. Stir and bring to a boil over medium heat; be sure to stir it from time to time so it does not scorch. Remove from heat once it reaches a boil and let sit for one hour.

Remove and discard cobs. Process liquid and corn in a blender, in batches; when done return to saucepan. In a small bowl combine 1/4 cup cornstarch and 1/2 cup whole milk. Stir with your finger to make sure the starch is thoroughly dissolved (you can feel any lumps at the bottom). Add to saucepan. Bring mixture back to a simmer and stir until the mixture is thick enough to coat a spoon. Run mixture through a very fine strainer. This will take some time, as there will be a fair bit of solids and the liquid mixture is quite thick: stick with it until you’ve separated most of the liquids out.

Add 1/2 tsp vanilla. Let mixture cool (an ice bath can speed this up), refrigerate for a couple hours and then process in an ice cream freezer.


  1. I specifically made this ice cream for a friend who can’t eat corn kernels. You might like to reserve some of the kernels just before the blender step.
  2. Next time I will probably use a bit less corn starch: the mixture was pretty thick.
  3. I also want to try substituting corn syrup for the sugar — just to keep the corn theme going strong.

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